Top 10 Shares of 2020 on Instagram

Top 10 Shares of 2020 on Instagram

29 December 2020 5 By Deniz Özbek

Top 10 Shares of 2020 on Instagram Considering quarantines and unlimited hours spent at home, 2020 was the year we spent the most time on social media platforms. As we left this challenging year behind, the most liked posts of 2020 on Instagram have now become clear. “What did you do most in 2020?” Probably many of us when faced with the question “I watched videos on YouTube”, “I spent hours going from profile to profile on Instagram and disappearing between stories”, “I broke my personal record with countless series I watched on Netflix” or “I was surprised by TikTok streams, but still watching. we will give answers like “I could not quit.” In short, while 2020 is the end of our social life, it has already been a candidate to be one of the years when social media channels almost experience the peak. Well, who are the most liked Instagram posts of this active year, and which shares do you think? Let’s take a look together.

10. Kylie Jenner’s post with Travis Scott (October 18): 14.2 million likes

9. Cristiano Ronaldo birthday share (February 5th): 14.3 million likes

8.A video of Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi (Oct 1): 14.5 million likes

7.A post from Kylie Jenner with her daughter Stormi (March 27): 15.3 million likes

6.Ariana Grande’s marriage proposal announcement (December 20): 15.4 million likes

5.LeBron James’s heartbreaking Kobe Bryant share (Jan 27): 15.5 million likes

4. Birthday celebration from Kylie Jenner to Travis Scott (April 30): 16 million likes

3. Lionel Messi’s Maradona share


2. Chadwick Boseman’ın ölüm haberinin doğrulandığı paylaşım (28 Ağustos): 19,1 milyon beğeni



1. Cristiano Ronaldo’nun Maradona paylaşımı (25 Kasım): 19,7 milyon beğeni